Everything you've ever wondered about embroidery

Embroidery 101
We know that when most people think of embroidery, they picture a needle and thread or a single sewing machine hard at work.
Not so much.
Here at Palomar Printing, we run a large scale embroidery department with several machines working at the same time. So we're able to produce large orders quickly and efficiently.

So, what is embroidery then?
Embroidery is an apparel decorating technique that uses high tech machinery with multiple needle heads and thread colors, along with digital file designs and software, to sew a logo or design onto a fabric item. 

What can be embroidered?
The possibilities are endless! Anything from jackets, to towels, to school bags can be embroidered on. Here are some of the more popular items we see come in to the shop:
- Beanies
- Ball caps
- Polo's
- Jackets
- Hoodies
- Backpacks

How does it work?
Usually a customer comes in with an image or an idea that they want embroidered on a piece of apparel or accessory. We take that graphic and produce a digital file. Basically what this is, is the file that the machines will read to determine the stitch placement and style, and which thread color goes where. This file also determines the stitch count, and since stitch count determines price, this allows us to properly quote you on your embroidery job.

Once everything is finalized, we do a sew out sample so that you can see what your logo will look like in thread, rather than just digitally. After we have your approval, we send the job into production and let our embroiderers do their magic. 

Have more questions?
Send us an email, we'd be happy to answer them!